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Demons of Customer Service Management and how to deal with them!
In this blog, I would be talking about a few common customer service demons that I have personally experienced in my journey and would give possible solutions on how to avoid or eliminate them:

Demon 1: Long IVR’s or any IVR (I hate IVR when I call any customer Services)

Customers waiting for an agent to resolve their concern and they are greeted by mechanical voices, although we cannot deny that we all love technology but whenever it comes to handling customer’s queries/issues, we need emotional connect which cannot be fulfilled by bots.

Our Solution: Try incorporating as much human support in your enterprises as possible. Robots are viable when doing mechanical work or when one wants to live leisure or a comfortable life but when it comes to assistance, you need the voice of real person like oxygen. Ideally, it should connect with customer in the maximum 2 rings, there are people who will say it's not practical to think like this but remember there were people who said women can’t fly a plane, drive a car or vote? Full disclosure, I hate Siri and Alexa too and if you don’t then please stop raising your voice when you ask something, they don’t get 😊

Demon 2: Unskilled bad apple of Employees

An uneducated, unethical, or immoral agent could prove to be a pain for the whole organization and especially in providing effective care to the customers.
Our Solution: To Kill bad apple germs, you need a good disinfectant in CSR case. That disinfectant is 100% call monitoring and thorough product knowledge. Making sure that we listen to 100% of the calls and give feedback and training. Why 100%? Because every customer service representative will know that there is no escape. An enhanced recruiting process and effective training program could surely help in eliminating this devil. The main aim of the service provider should be ready to support their customers until they are at a reasonable (Satisfied or next step of the SOP along with the exact time of response must be given to the customer) point to exit from the call of the customer.

Demon 3: Avoiding Customers query 

Providing incomplete solutions with no real meat of satisfaction or worse than this would be pushing Call service agents' own agenda on customers. These half-hearted solutions will surely degrade your brand value and trust, which is surely the last thing you would want to lose in business. 

Our Solution: Discussing their concern on a regular basis, keeping an interactive session with a friendly mood would surely prove to be a decisive factor in easing up the mood of the agents so that whenever they are back to work they work wholeheartedly. Periodic counseling sessions could even prove to be decisive in this case. Again 100% call monitoring will eliminate such issues. We love and respect our agents if a customer curses we ask them not to take it and disconnect the call, and God forbid if an agent does that then his/her services will no longer be needed. We make sure that product knowledge is hammered in all the agent's heads so they don’t avoid a query.

Demon 4: From Demon to Devil

The supervisor call got transferred is worse than the agent. The supervisor leading the group of agents is not a good fit. 

Our Solution: Whenever a query comes which is beyond the expertise of the agents, they transfer it to the supervisor. The customers must wait for that time duration on hold expecting that the wait would be worthy. Nothing could be worse than a supervisor sounding like a jerk, for a firm as it will promote a negative brand image. Our team of experts might not be the best in the world, but I can surely assure this that customers will never go unsatisfied. We provide solutions sometimes going out of the way. Even if at some point in time we are short of providing the required assistance to our customers (due to whatsoever issues) We give them an appropriate time that we will get back to you by then and we make it quite certain that we keep our words.

Demon 5: The same old Policy Feces! Or Cutting Corners

Instead of providing an authentic solution, the agent sidelines the concern by saying that this is our policy.

Our Solution: I have seen this when I work as an agent some 14 years ago and consecutively heard this many a times as a customer, so I know how it feels when an agent hang-up the call without a constructive solution. Agent blaming the service providers policy for his incompetence is pathetic. Whenever an agent is short with a solution, he uses this phrase, “This is our company’s policy”. Or typical Bharti nonsense that “our systems are getting upgraded” Provide solutions instead of cutting corners. Customer must be given everything that agent can try and for crying out loud never say ‘This is company policy”. Chase Bank customer support is worst ever despite of all-American agents. So Far American Express is close to be a good support service by the way they are all Indian boys and girls.

I say do your best to make the customer Happy, A customer who feels that even if my request is not resolved, I am still happy because the agent was good, he gave his 100%.
  1. 100% Call Monitoring 
  2. Everyday Call playing sessions with a group of 10 reps max
  3. Sorry but sometimes Naming Shaming and Rewarding helps
  4. Tech IT Manager must be ready for any challenge
  5. One-on-One sessions with playing calls
Next blog of the same topic we will discuss solutions in detail.

With everything to offer I say for instance, if a customer calls and says he would want to know the nearest shopping complex or nearest Resto-bar near his location Even though it is not our field but we still try to make sure that we never let go of customers unanswered/dissatisfied. We would ask them to wait and would possibly guide them if we are aware of it and if not we will try to take approval from the manager and assist the customer.

100% Call monitoring/great Product Knowledge always puts our customer support in the front seat.