With all due respect, you may be a great leader in motivating and complimenting your people. But, is it possible for you to do their jobs? It might sound like a useless or useful question to you however the answer would answer the question/ Are you a leader? Leaders focus and interest in the wellbeing of the people working with him/her will define the culture of the office.

We can get an excruciating or a pleasant result of our office culture depending upon the following explanations and its adaptation as a leader. The burden of a special culture at work is on our own shoulders. I hear so many people defining their workplace as a family, do we really think they are our family are we ready to forgive when we are really in pain? That is Food for thought.

Let’s have a look at the complaints of most of the working people for their organization, we will use some well known mathematical formulas to define understand and resolve these issues. They complain about the most: The management? or The office environment or Culture? or Anything in between?

Let's look at the Einstein formula to better understand the above. You all are versed about Einstein’s formula
                                        E= MC^2, 

let us try and implement this for our office staff. Hypothetically first consider the E as employees, M as Management, and C as Chairman. Every employee's behavior is the reflection of the way management treats him/her and in terms of attitude, a dissatisfied employee is generally Chairman to the power 2. An upset employee is left only with a high negative attitude and bad intentions. Treated or greeted badly and E will always be worst of MC square.
If we tweak these letters again, we see a new picture. Now if E is the energy or efforts put in by the employee in making your organization a great success and M is the mass of management support that they comprehensively put in 'E' and C is the cash or monetary rewards that an employee gets or expects in return of the efforts he/she has put in. Sometimes it's just a pat on the back that could suffice the 'C'.

EEnergy of Office Staff [Equals to]Mmass of management support[multiply]Ccash/Rewards[Square]

Once we get the nerve of the employee means what they complain about the most, we can ultimately gather all our attention on fixing that cause, so the effect is ultimately a close to satisfied employee who tries and thinks of being part of the family.

Understanding the mood of the organization is even important. Here the word "organization" doesn't mean brick and mortar, it always means people working. Let's understand this by another equation from six Sigma,

                                        Y = F(x), 

suppose the variable y represents the mood of an employees towards the organization, then x is the cause why? If we have the technique to impact the variable x, then the result of Y could be in our favor. If a Leader knows the x’s Impacting the mood of the staff, then he can tweak the result Y. This can help him develop an extra satisfactory workplace.

Ymood of the staff [Equal to]F(X) the variables impacting mood of the staff

What basically is the structure of people's relationships? Let's look at another equation to which I do not totally agree,

                                      a=b, b=c and hence a=c, 

I find this a little funny (as per my understanding, correct me in the comment below if I am wrong), let me elaborate it for you guys by a simple example, 1 kg of apple = 1 kg of Oranges, 1Kg of Oranges=1 Kg of grapes then 1 Kg of Grapes=1 Kg of Apple? Seriously? Now, I expect you guys aren't making those emoticon faces, as this is what I got from the formula. For any ‘a’ to be finally equal to ‘c’, we must know the variables.

We must know the variables like sizes, shapes or even if the Apples and oranges are healthy or not, are they good enough for us to consume, etc., As part of organizational Leadership, we need to assure that we don't use a comparative formula to evaluate employees. As because it's not necessary that if a=b, b=c then always a must be =c, we must always consider all the different aspects of the variable defined. The aforementioned equation y=f(x), we must keep a track of all variables associated with x for each employee before evaluating and giving examples.

So if a is employee X, b is employee Y, and c is Employee Z, let’s not equate them.

Finally, what will define people's relationship with your leadership/Vision? Let's understand this via the formula of the
                                 circumference of the circle, C= 2πr.

Think of the growth of your organization as the circle which could be as small as an atom or as big as the earth. A few things here and there in the organization could be fixed easily but it's the leader's faith in his abilities and vision which would ultimately decide the variable the radius 'r', you can expand the radius 'r' as much as you want and have an enormous growth. As long as the 'r' is evolving comprehensively, it can help in the growth of the circumference as much as it wants. Pi can be defined as the same conditions for any startup at the beginning.

Ccircumference =[multiply]rRadius

These above-defined tactics are not just for the company CEO or a top executive, anyone who wishes to guide people towards a better life at work can incorporate these ideas and become a better leader. You probably be a common individual who thinks like a leader and you know the ways to fix the problems using the aforementioned ideas. You can reach greater heights or become a Corporate "GURU" if you have firm belief in the above ideas and humanity. You can create some out of the box ideas of your own too.
Best of luck.
Love and respect.


  1. A very thoughtful and relatable piece of writing. Congratulations

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