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Where it all started!
From being a college drop out to establishing a million-dollar firm, the story of Mr. Sushil Singh is no less than a real-life alpha and hence quite inspiring one. He completed his schooling from a government school in Mumbai and then went on to pursue his graduation. He realized in the first 6 months that there was something inappropriate about system although he left the college in the 2nd year. The reason stated by the Managing Director of SSR TECHVISION was that the education system was not appropriate and need various reforms.

The inspiring journey
A person with a deep knowledge of Business Management, psychology, world history, politics, and many more varied subjects thought of starting SSR TECHVISION when he used to work. Sushil Singh was quite impeccable with his communication skills and hence joined a firm as per his expertise. Innovative problem solving of his customers and taking motivation from the way this whole outsourcing industry works he started a firm in 2015

His impeccable skills and knowledge came in handy, the company, just in its 5 years of operation has reached a new height and became a million-dollar firm. SSR TECHVISION works in diverse outsourcing fields such as customer support, healthcare, call center, back-office support, E-commerce, IT and many more. The company has its office in India and the USA and provides services to the clients 24*7 across the globe

Further prospects
Sushil Singh has a further bigger plan of expanding innovative support services not just specific to a region or country he wants to spread it across the world to ensure that both small and big industrialists could take the advantage of these services. He is working on an automatic customer service instrument which not only handles customer queries on phone but also can handle queries online (All pervading perpetual customer/client problem solver). He wants to grow the core business much efficiently and at a rapid pace.


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An innovative Business Process Outsourcing company that empowers businesses to deliver unmatched performance and consistently re-defines the best with Inspired thinking infused with operational excellence, Immersive Digital Transformation and Relentless focus on customer relationships”. SSR Techvision is almost akin to a living entity in its prime. SSR Techvision’s infinite enthusiasm for quality permeates business call center services.
SSR Techvision is tech-fueled excellence
SSR Techvision is a global technocratic organization, with presence in USA and India, endeavoring to provide transformational services in multifarious verticals. Aspiring to create path-breaking advances in Business Process Services, SSR is expanding rapidly across the domains of Customer Interactivity and Digital and Social Media Marketing.

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Deebaco is more than fashion. Named after a peak in Pauri Garhwal "Deeba", Deebaco is about striving for success and serenity and striking that balance between work and fun, style and comfort.
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Saiva System INC is a budding IT Staffing Consultant in USA and India. With a wide network of recruiters Saiva can provide you with your dream team that you have been aiming for. It aims at providing the clients with the best quality of workforce which exactly fits their requirements.
Saiva’s specialized recruitment services include Permanent Recruitment, RPO services, Contractual Staffing, IT Staffing, Executive Search, Headhunting, and Talent Acquisition. The quality and on-time delivery of these services have made Saiva System one of the leading recruitment agencies in the United States of America. Over the years, it has catered to multiple industries operating in the USA, like IT, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, FMCG, Real Estate and many more.

My Blogs

Why, What, How and When

Why: The biggest question we should know in the history of humankind is Why? Sometimes when we are amazed by some greatness of some concept we ask pleasantly why? And when we see some stupidity the question is same WHY, but we feel a sense of disgust. In a business or doing a job Why is one of the most important questions. Look around if you see a lazy, never result-oriented Groote (From Guardians of Galaxy) he/she clearly defines a NO WHY person. A person who does not know why the hell he/she is working. If you see a goal-oriented, energetic lad accomplishing his tasks with the best results. He/she is the person who has a clear why he/she is doing what they are doing? Why should be Crystal clear? When some people decided that the computer should be at every table of every home in the world. Their why was truly clear? As a student, they were either just getting 20 minutes to work on an IBM computer machine, or they were frustrated with the monopoly of the companies owning the technology. Why combined with noble purpose kicks start the best in the world. 

As an organization some can explain what they do, some say how they do but very few can clearly articulate Why they do what they do. These organizations are different, Why never means profit that’s the result. Why is visceral, Why is your existence? Why works everywhere, Obama knew his Why when he decided to become the POTUS. The people who start with Why never manipulate they inspire.

What: Be incredibly careful in choosing What, be sure that you choose something doable. Someone might argue that he/she wants to solve world hunger, a noble cause but its something which is never been achieved in 40 million years of human evolution with several great kings, prophets, and even Gods trying their best. Let us look for a small (local) What, which can change a small community and then extrapolate it to bigger sample size. Mark Zuckerberg never knew Facebook will be a world phenomenon when he started working on the concept. Mark tried to connect Harvard alumni to a social network.

What is mainly a decision-making process, you can take a decision on 3 Steps:-
  1. Task (You wish to accomplish)
  2. Information (Deep knowledge)
  3. Options (What all options do you have) 

How: This is one of the most important questions in accomplishing the task at hand. Now that you know why you want to do it and what you want to do. How will you do changes the course of the cause? There are many ways to work on How many ways are already defined. I advise following Christensen 4DX (4 disciplines of executions)

Focus and Target your wild Goals: Think of a single wild goal that you think is non-doable in a given time frame. For example, as customer service, you are serving one client and you have the capacity to serve 1 more in a year. The wild goal will be to bring 3 more clients of equal size and serve them all without compromising quality in one year. Sounds tough, however, if we focus one client at a time and increase our capacity every 3 months, we will be able to achieve this task with ease. We (at SSR Tec vision) have been in this situation and we have done it by on boarding 2 new clients within 8 months. Important is the art of focus and working as deeply as possible with your team.

Lead instead of Lag Solutions: Lag solution, you sell a product and then ask the call center to survey if your customers are happy. The leading solution is you see what all could be the features and benefits required in advance before you make the first sale. I am not saying that you can see everything in advance however you can always be better than the average if you take a lead measure (Solution) attitude. Again, to reach the lead solution you must be focused and reach a deep state of mind to see the issues, features along with benefits in advance, and give the best possible solutions. Steve Jobs did visualize the future of computers, phones and came up with Apple products which even consumers were not aware if they will need them. It's not necessary for you to be Steve Jobs, just use basic common sense to think about how you will be benefitted from the features of X product. Think in advance, plan features, make yourself a happy customer first and you will have happy customers for your products too.

Keep a scoreboard: Most important is to keep a scoreboard of what you are doing and its impacts. Result oriented hard work is the key here. Keep track of hours spent on the task. Create spreadsheets with macros, involve your teams more. Decide your personal milestones. Remember Hard work hours with Tangible results. Calibrate your expectations on how many hours of your hard work needed per results. If you keep a track of hard work vs results you can repeat your performance at a different tangent. 

Accountability: A rhythmic team meetings with you and your team will ensure accountability. Since it's your idea, you are accountable for the results you want. The team gives you a division of efforts. Ideally, you must have a group of 2 compatible people at one task. A team of a maximum of 8 people, with 4 tasks in a group of 4. Make sure that you create leaders like you who can speak at the time of need. Multiplying is the origin of each species. As a leader, you need to create more leaders like you.

When: As soon as you have above 3 questions crystal clear, close your eyes begin with a start-up, a job, or a political movement.

Best of Luck, Go get it, be wise be stupid.

How to Hire a Learner?

The best way a human resources team can redeem an organization is by hiring the best learners for your organization. Mind-set is one of the most important aspects of a job candidate. Dr. Dweck describes this in her book Mindset: The new psychology of success, if you (a candidate) believes that the qualities in you (Any Candidate) are carved in stone then you do them over and over again to prove a point. But if you have an incremental theory, if you believe that your definition can be modified and cultivated through efforts then you are the Learner we might be looking for.
Please do not look for a person who excelled in his role before but a person who can learn what your job position might offer him. Amazon’s Bezos asks job candidates a question which has nothing to do with his current job, for example, he will ask how many fax machines are there in the world, Or why the manholes or Pizzas are round not square. This is a way to find out the learning ability of a candidate. The idea is not to know if someone is prescient but to know if someone made a mistake, accepts it, and wants to learn from it.

Always hire people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than you. Or at least they are of a mind-set of an incremental theory.

Four most important things define any interview are:-

Sourcing, Interviewing, Hiring, and Compensation. 
We must expand our view to know how a candidate can be understood by us. One example, I came across a resume of a gentleman who was working in IBM from 2003 (when I was graduating). I wanted to hire him as director operations he had almost everything for the role. He knew his operations plans, he was well versed. His English was above average (The most important thing when we hire in India 😊), Everything was smooth and I asked him a question kind of a mandatory one which I ask any candidate “ Why do you want to work with us” He said that he wanted to work with us because our office was close to his home. That one answer decided that the last half an hour was wasted.

Training and Learning are the 2 most important pillars of any leader. So here is my advice on hiring.
  1. Leadership (The office reception staff is the best person to let you know how a candidate really is? Leadership is defined mostly as the way we treat others, the candidate appeared for the job, how is he behaving with the office employees? like office support staff, or the receptionist herself, can determine a few basic leadership qualities)
  2. Last role and understanding of the current role (Operational questions usually the operations Executive who is taking the interview knows about these questions)
  3. General abilities (Common sense) (This is where we ask the Why questions? E.g. why manholes are round? Or why pizzas are round?)
  4. Is he suitable for what you do? (Above 3 conditions will tell you the answer to this question)
Dig deeper find out if the candidate is into sports or he is into any extracurricular activity. 

Ok, an experiment ‘Stuck in a deserted place experiment’ let's say you and the candidate are stuck at a place for a few hours with no-one around will you both be able to tolerate each other? If the answer to this question is yes and you found his process knowledge good maybe you should hire this guy.

The old way of hiring was simple
  • Select a good performer 
  • Educate him as to who you and your company are? 
  • See if both you and him match and 
  • Sell him on the Job. 
If this works for you, you should do this. The candidate should do 80% of the talking, not you. However, If the candidate repeats himself/herself then you apologize out of courtesy and change the topic. Every job interview must have following questions:-
  1. What are your weaknesses, how are you trying to overcome them?
  2. Why do you think you are ready for this new job
  3. Why we should hire you?
  4. What was your most significant failure
  5. Why do you think that (X degree from X side) should be given a job in Sales or any other department?
  6. What was the most important thing you have done in your last job?
  7. Why did you decide to get X or Y Degree and how is that helping you?
Conducting a good interview needs a different approach: Preparation. This is true regardless of who you are hiring a senior manager or an entry-level employee. Being a good interviewer requires understanding the role, reading the resume, and most important preparing your questions. Another important aspect is what kind of questions the person appearing for the interview is asking you. If you end up having an interesting intellectual conversation with the candidate try and hire him. 

How many rounds of Interview should we have before considering the offer?

The answer is at least 4, the goal of an interview is to form an opinion a Strong Opinion.

1. Basic interview by written test (Basic analytical abilities)
2. Someone observing the candidate (Like receptions staff giving points on a sheet)
3. HR round (at least 2 HR’s Determine who is the candidate, why should we hire him)
4. Operations Round (A small group of senior most executive must take this round)

Remember urgency of the role is never sufficiently important to compromise the quality of hiring. In a showdown between speed and quality, quality must prevail.

Never hold your hands back on compensation, When we like a candidate who goes through our tough process of interviewing we should never hold our hands back on compensation. When I say this I don’t want you to write him a blank check. I am only saying that compensate him handsomely. Always give him the pay which he is looking for however 10% of that yearly pay should be paid as a bonus depending on his performance. Once at the job if he is really worth it pay him outrageously. People who can make you an outrageous worth, deserve to be paid outrageous. The bigger the impact the bigger the compensation.

Note for the HR team: Bottom 10% of any organization if you trade them with new hires would we as an organization improve? If so then we need to look at that hiring process which yielded these bottom 10%. Another question, if anyone from your team says they are leaving will you fight for them? If answer is NO then it was a bad hire.
Note: There are a few managers who enjoy firing, this instils fear. Do not give an excuse for this person. 

Hiring Do’s, just don’t do the opposite. I am saving my time from writing the Don’ts
  1. Hire people who are smarter than you
  2. Hire people who can add value to your org.
  3. Hire problem solvers
  4. Hire people who are self-motivated and passionate
  5. Hire people who can inspire others and work well in a team
  6. Hire people who can have another life apart from work
  7. Hire open communicators and Ethical
  8. Most important Hire only when you found what you were looking for “A great Candidate”
Be Stupid but be wise. Make mistake and never repeat them.

Customer Service 2.0
The idea, A customer service which can accommodate all the requirements of a customer support, needs of the business, and Needs of the client.
Focusing on the growth not revenue, focusing on the best calls and best support provided to the customer, a customer can demand an unexpected discount/a replacement and we should be able to do that in click of a button.
The product: An all-powerful customer support soft device which can have facilities for the support agents to 

1. Answer the calls
2. To call the customer back
3. A computer with access to all the websites
4. A direct connect with the service provider (Client)
5. Agent centric approvals
6. State of the art seating arrangement for a relaxed agent.
7. The soft device must be integrated with the Quality team
8. Any call which has shouting meaning the noise on the call is above 80 Decibel must be sent to Quality team immediately.
9. Chat service
10. Email Service

This is not an ACD or a Dialler or a Chat but all in one. We are very close to it I can say we are at 60% of the above CRM. Agents seats must have a

a) 4′ x 4′ footprint.
b) The cubicle must have flexible aesthetics,
c) Eco-friendly panelling material for the panels,
d) Adjustable partition heights,
e) Can have good space to bring a comfortable office furniture like chair to the table.

We are in a process of doing this at our center, its tough to do it keeping the cost in mind but our mantra is growth against the revenue.

Customer service should be all pervading. We should be able to get business of a client from any part of life like medical Industry, Telecome, Autombile, Inernet service provvider, Recruitment, Real Estate and so on as I truly belive in the fact that all the customer services are the same. We can resolve customers issues basically by being a passionate customer support rep, we can resolve any pain of a customer by making the person on the other side of the phone trust us. The technical part of the customer sevices can be learned that’s no biggie.

Why Our customer service is different, It is because
  1. All hands rise seminars where any agent can ask a question which bothers him or he/she needs a clarification.
  2. Our customer service Managers/Team Leaders/agents fight with the clients we are servicing so we can provide as much satisfaction to the customer as we can. Belive you me sometimes I have to get in the fight just to pacify both sides. Usually my teams demand is what they are trained to do, they want the customer to be happy no matter what. Sometimes this disappoints the clients but ultimately they understand its for the good for their brand.
  3. We keep staff 20% more than required to make sure that the calls are answered as quickly as they can. We don’t like that redline of the ACD. WFM is our forte. Minimum to zero hold is the solution to all customer.
  4. Agents are not suppose to look at the AHT (Average handling time) they are suppose to look at a happy cutomer 😊
  5. No IVR. We don’t like IVR so our IVR a basic one which says ‘ Thank you for calling let me connect you to the next available rep’
  6. Agents are trained in such a way that when the call lands to his/her station he/she recognizes the name of the customer on CRM and greets the cutomer with last name. Tries to be as pleasant as he/she can, depending on the mood of the customer
  7. Our Agents takle responsibility hence they need all the mentioned facilities above. They want the ownership of the resolution and want to follow up until the customer is happy. They give unprecendented discounts/replacements/vouchers which a few times are so big that I have to discount our clients. As the discount was too big for the client to cover. We never stop them from taking decisions that’s how we want them to be, BOLD, that’s how they should be.We go that extra mile.
  8. 100% Call monitoring and Feedback sessions, we are listening to 100% calls of each agents. We have a (1 QC on 2 Agents) team of quality trainees whose job is to listen to each call and raise the red, oragne or green flags.
    • Red: Bad Call agent must be terminated upon the Quality heads finall call
    • Orange: Quality Team leaders must listen to the call to either clear it as a green call or mark it to the next level.
    • Green Call: A call which was satisfactory and the customer was happy. We don’t belive in a wow Call as we think every call should be a wow call.
  9. We respect and love our agents so if a customer is nasty and cursing, we niether entertain that customer nor we explain that to our clients.The quality team send the call recording to the client
  10. The customer service hierrachy is as such that if the customer is not happy with the agent on a call next level should be his team leader the next level should be his Manager the next level is I (The CEO of the customer service) and then the next level is the Vice president of the Client. After that the clients decide what they want to do to conclude that call.
This is our demand to work with any client.

We are a flat organization with minimum hierrchy with all small and very few big cubicles. We keep it simple. Our managers sit with agents on the operations floor.Giving freedom to each one of them, that gives us the advantage to be better. We keep the people who are passionate and creative happy.

The Definition of creative with SSR is as good as (How Google works) defines (Our Agents mostly women,)
* ‘She is a person who knows the tools of her trade.
* She is analytically smart, she is comfortable with that extra mile to go to make a customer happy.
* She is Business smart and belives in excellance rathar than somehow surviving.
* She is competetive smart she belives in improving her and her coworkers by innovation and new ideas.
* She understands what we do and belives in SSR instead of just acting.
* She comes up ith genuine new ideas not stolen ones.
* She is curious, she questions herself, her bosses and the clients to get a new perspective. Never happy with the status quo.
* She takes risks, for example she gives unprecedented discounts/ replacements and is damn confident that she did the right thing.
* She doesn’t wait to be told she takes initiative.
* She is a free spirit, collborates with different departments like Quality, IT and HR to finds solutions for her and her peers. A problem solver.
* She can recite the details as and when anyone asks.
* She is funny and knows how to express herself. Instead of a talkative she is communicative.

We are in process I can’t say that I have all creative smarts working with me but we are training and working closely with everyone. We are at 97% efficiency, that 3% will always be tough but we know how to reach there and we will reach there. I love my team, I love their passion.

Managers Anchorage

How do we get the best results from a Manager? When you ask Managers to respond in a few words these are the most common words you hear:
  • Judgment
  • Opinion
  • Allocation of resources
  • Mistakes detected
  • Training Products
  • Meetings planned
  • Commitments and delivery
Let's see, the Job of a BPO manager is to deliver the clients SLA with 99.99% good quality. Another one What is a Surgeon’s output? A good surgery where the patient is feeling healthy, Student's Output is finishing school, college and then a specific field of study.

So here is how output can be defined, y=f(x)
Output = Function (Activity)
The output is a function that is the activities (inputs) performed in advance to make sure output is as good as we desire.

BPO Manager's Output = Output of his department + Output of the department under his influence

A manager's delivery must be measured by the output created by his subordinates and associates. So, we can broaden the definition of a Manager: A leader who makes sure that the people reporting to him, the teams influenced by him, and their results are the measure for his success. A manager must do everything mentioned above, he must provide direction, make an opinion, allocate resources, detect mistakes, and performs any task necessary to inflate his team's output.

There has to be a distinction between activities that we actually do (y is a function of x where x=activities) to the output we get. Most of us focus on the Output, not the activities performed to get that results good or bad. Activities usually saw as insignificant and messy.

Days division, A typical day out of a Managers’ life, it should be divided as follows:-
Out of 8 hours of work a manager should spend 5 hours which is 65-70% of his time in data/information gathering and 3 hours for Decision making which is 30-35%. 
So a Managers most important task is data/information gathering. When we leave for the day our tasks are never accomplished as there is always the next one. That's how a manager's day should end, with a plan for tomorrow.

I accept that the information that is most useful to manage peers, comes from casual verbal chats. Written emails and reports are only mediums of self-discipline. Some times reports and emails are stemming out of the information gathered in a casual chat. If you remember in my previous blog I spoke about how imperative the 100% call monitoring is? 
One of the tasks of a manager is Inspection which is again information gathering. What we do at SSR Techvision is we ask our managers to be inspectors of several other departments that we have for example sometimes an operations manager will just inspect the work of an Admin team's day of work, just to understand the pain areas for the said department. Or we ask an IT manager to see how the operations team works?

Imparting Values, Let me share an example of how we can impart values in our associates. We had a small office in Noida, the admin team brought a new coffee machine for the winters but the office didn't have a vent for the coffee waste disposal. The waste of coffee machines used to accumulate in a bucket, we ramp up hiring hence more people and sometimes the bucket used to be full, admin team used to follow the same old pattern to solve the problem of looking at the bucket every 2 hours. What I did was I started cleaning waste myself a couple of times. When the admin team saw me doing they fixed the problem. Values and Behavior standards are not conveyed by talking but doing it and doing it visibly.

Time, The most important luxury a manager has is time, more finances, manpower, and capital can be made available but we all have a fixed time of 24 hours. managers must be very careful in allocating the time, to tasks. If you decide to focus on one task you are automatically taking yourself away from another. So choose carefully what will impact Output the most.
More output in minimum time that's the mantra. Advance decisions, planning, and making sure that we are well informed will be the key to be a great manager.

Meetings planning, Manager's most important job is to keep as few meetings as possible. Don't be a slow animal, be ready with everything required if you call the meeting, make sure that you check if all the systems are working with the IT department yourself, and then mark an email to confirm the same. In a meeting of 5 associates and one Manager if the manager who called the meeting is not ready he will lose money because we bill to all the clients hourly. here is an example to understand this better, let's say you as manager decide to invest $1200 from your organization on buying a new machine. You will need many approvals including some tough questions. Now here is how a meeting hurts, you call a meeting you as a manager are billed for $200 per hour to the client, your associates are billed for $100 per hour. You are not ready with the contents of the meeting or the hardware of the meeting and you waste 2 hours in the meeting that's $1200 is wasted and you just didn't realize it.

Delegation of work to others, the time of a manager has a hierarchy of values, delegation is an imperative part of management. Make sure that you follow up on a timely basis of what you delegate to your associates. Oh!! you must be damn careful in Delegation as if you don't follow through after delegation it becomes abdication. So no abdication means, create rough drafts of the reports delegated, don't wait for the associate to come to you, you go to them to follow up, You monitor as often as you can. Make sure that this monitoring is not an example of your associate thinking why did you delegate if you wanted to do it? Monitor with caution but keep a sharp eye at-least when you delegate in the beginning and after some time you can monitor from time to time. Go into details randomly, try to make sure that the associate is moving smoothly.

Forecasting, always make sure that we either have a forecast or we will have surprises at the end (mostly negative). Forecasting and planning our time around key events are the best ways to manage departments which will always be in profit. 
Forecasting tool = Calendar +Calendar+ Calendar.......
Plan your Calendar to the hours and minutes and use it actively. Say NO to the tasks not part of your calendar politely. Time is finite resources utilize it and be frugal.

How many people we should have in our team, again there is no ideal answer to this question. I think it should be your number of hours spent at work so if we need we can spend an hour with each of the associates. The ideal team size should be 8 people or a maximum of 10 people in a calling business.

Unavoidable/Uncontrolled hurdles of a manager, if we get into a scenario of an uncontrolled halt of our work what should we do? a piece of advice is to create blocks of time for such things in your calendar. If we are working on some task and an associate comes to us for any assistance please ask him to the priority level if its 6+ out of 10 handle it then and there. If he says below 6 ask him to wait and cater to it later. One of the best ways will be to put a signed board out saying it will be very busy till 2 pm please meet after that.

Do not go gentle into that good night Dylan Thomas.

Be a Stupid Manager but be a wise Manager.

Demons of Customer Service Management and how to deal with them!
In this blog, I would be talking about a few common customer service demons that I have personally experienced in my journey and would give possible solutions on how to avoid or eliminate them:

Demon 1: Long IVR’s or any IVR (I hate IVR when I call any customer Services)

Customers waiting for an agent to resolve their concern and they are greeted by mechanical voices, although we cannot deny that we all love technology but whenever it comes to handling customer’s queries/issues, we need emotional connect which cannot be fulfilled by bots.

Our Solution: Try incorporating as much human support in your enterprises as possible. Robots are viable when doing mechanical work or when one wants to live leisure or a comfortable life but when it comes to assistance, you need the voice of real person like oxygen. Ideally, it should connect with customer in the maximum 2 rings, there are people who will say it's not practical to think like this but remember there were people who said women can’t fly a plane, drive a car or vote? Full disclosure, I hate Siri and Alexa too and if you don’t then please stop raising your voice when you ask something, they don’t get 😊

Demon 2: Unskilled bad apple of Employees

An uneducated, unethical, or immoral agent could prove to be a pain for the whole organization and especially in providing effective care to the customers.
Our Solution: To Kill bad apple germs, you need a good disinfectant in CSR case. That disinfectant is 100% call monitoring and thorough product knowledge. Making sure that we listen to 100% of the calls and give feedback and training. Why 100%? Because every customer service representative will know that there is no escape. An enhanced recruiting process and effective training program could surely help in eliminating this devil. The main aim of the service provider should be ready to support their customers until they are at a reasonable (Satisfied or next step of the SOP along with the exact time of response must be given to the customer) point to exit from the call of the customer.

Demon 3: Avoiding Customers query 

Providing incomplete solutions with no real meat of satisfaction or worse than this would be pushing Call service agents' own agenda on customers. These half-hearted solutions will surely degrade your brand value and trust, which is surely the last thing you would want to lose in business. 

Our Solution: Discussing their concern on a regular basis, keeping an interactive session with a friendly mood would surely prove to be a decisive factor in easing up the mood of the agents so that whenever they are back to work they work wholeheartedly. Periodic counseling sessions could even prove to be decisive in this case. Again 100% call monitoring will eliminate such issues. We love and respect our agents if a customer curses we ask them not to take it and disconnect the call, and God forbid if an agent does that then his/her services will no longer be needed. We make sure that product knowledge is hammered in all the agent's heads so they don’t avoid a query.

Demon 4: From Demon to Devil

The supervisor call got transferred is worse than the agent. The supervisor leading the group of agents is not a good fit. 

Our Solution: Whenever a query comes which is beyond the expertise of the agents, they transfer it to the supervisor. The customers must wait for that time duration on hold expecting that the wait would be worthy. Nothing could be worse than a supervisor sounding like a jerk, for a firm as it will promote a negative brand image. Our team of experts might not be the best in the world, but I can surely assure this that customers will never go unsatisfied. We provide solutions sometimes going out of the way. Even if at some point in time we are short of providing the required assistance to our customers (due to whatsoever issues) We give them an appropriate time that we will get back to you by then and we make it quite certain that we keep our words.

Demon 5: The same old Policy Feces! Or Cutting Corners

Instead of providing an authentic solution, the agent sidelines the concern by saying that this is our policy.

Our Solution: I have seen this when I work as an agent some 14 years ago and consecutively heard this many a times as a customer, so I know how it feels when an agent hang-up the call without a constructive solution. Agent blaming the service providers policy for his incompetence is pathetic. Whenever an agent is short with a solution, he uses this phrase, “This is our company’s policy”. Or typical Bharti nonsense that “our systems are getting upgraded” Provide solutions instead of cutting corners. Customer must be given everything that agent can try and for crying out loud never say ‘This is company policy”. Chase Bank customer support is worst ever despite of all-American agents. So Far American Express is close to be a good support service by the way they are all Indian boys and girls.

I say do your best to make the customer Happy, A customer who feels that even if my request is not resolved, I am still happy because the agent was good, he gave his 100%.
  1. 100% Call Monitoring 
  2. Everyday Call playing sessions with a group of 10 reps max
  3. Sorry but sometimes Naming Shaming and Rewarding helps
  4. Tech IT Manager must be ready for any challenge
  5. One-on-One sessions with playing calls
Next blog of the same topic we will discuss solutions in detail.

With everything to offer I say for instance, if a customer calls and says he would want to know the nearest shopping complex or nearest Resto-bar near his location Even though it is not our field but we still try to make sure that we never let go of customers unanswered/dissatisfied. We would ask them to wait and would possibly guide them if we are aware of it and if not we will try to take approval from the manager and assist the customer.

100% Call monitoring/great Product Knowledge always puts our customer support in the front seat.

Understanding Employees and Becoming a Better Leader

With all due respect, you may be a great leader in motivating and complimenting your people. But, is it possible for you to do their jobs? It might sound like a useless or useful question to you however the answer would answer the question/ Are you a leader? Leaders focus and interest in the wellbeing of the people working with him/her will define the culture of the office.

We can get an excruciating or a pleasant result of our office culture depending upon the following explanations and its adaptation as a leader. The burden of a special culture at work is on our own shoulders. I hear so many people defining their workplace as a family, do we really think they are our family are we ready to forgive when we are really in pain? That is Food for thought.

Let’s have a look at the complaints of most of the working people for their organization, we will use some well known mathematical formulas to define understand and resolve these issues. They complain about the most: The management? or The office environment or Culture? or Anything in between?

Let's look at the Einstein formula to better understand the above. You all are versed about Einstein’s formula
                                        E= MC^2, 

let us try and implement this for our office staff. Hypothetically first consider the E as employees, M as Management, and C as Chairman. Every employee's behavior is the reflection of the way management treats him/her and in terms of attitude, a dissatisfied employee is generally Chairman to the power 2. An upset employee is left only with a high negative attitude and bad intentions. Treated or greeted badly and E will always be worst of MC square.
If we tweak these letters again, we see a new picture. Now if E is the energy or efforts put in by the employee in making your organization a great success and M is the mass of management support that they comprehensively put in 'E' and C is the cash or monetary rewards that an employee gets or expects in return of the efforts he/she has put in. Sometimes it's just a pat on the back that could suffice the 'C'.

EEnergy of Office Staff [Equals to]Mmass of management support[multiply]Ccash/Rewards[Square]

Once we get the nerve of the employee means what they complain about the most, we can ultimately gather all our attention on fixing that cause, so the effect is ultimately a close to satisfied employee who tries and thinks of being part of the family.

Understanding the mood of the organization is even important. Here the word "organization" doesn't mean brick and mortar, it always means people working. Let's understand this by another equation from six Sigma,

                                        Y = F(x), 

suppose the variable y represents the mood of an employees towards the organization, then x is the cause why? If we have the technique to impact the variable x, then the result of Y could be in our favor. If a Leader knows the x’s Impacting the mood of the staff, then he can tweak the result Y. This can help him develop an extra satisfactory workplace.

Ymood of the staff [Equal to]F(X) the variables impacting mood of the staff

What basically is the structure of people's relationships? Let's look at another equation to which I do not totally agree,

                                      a=b, b=c and hence a=c, 

I find this a little funny (as per my understanding, correct me in the comment below if I am wrong), let me elaborate it for you guys by a simple example, 1 kg of apple = 1 kg of Oranges, 1Kg of Oranges=1 Kg of grapes then 1 Kg of Grapes=1 Kg of Apple? Seriously? Now, I expect you guys aren't making those emoticon faces, as this is what I got from the formula. For any ‘a’ to be finally equal to ‘c’, we must know the variables.

We must know the variables like sizes, shapes or even if the Apples and oranges are healthy or not, are they good enough for us to consume, etc., As part of organizational Leadership, we need to assure that we don't use a comparative formula to evaluate employees. As because it's not necessary that if a=b, b=c then always a must be =c, we must always consider all the different aspects of the variable defined. The aforementioned equation y=f(x), we must keep a track of all variables associated with x for each employee before evaluating and giving examples.

So if a is employee X, b is employee Y, and c is Employee Z, let’s not equate them.

Finally, what will define people's relationship with your leadership/Vision? Let's understand this via the formula of the
                                 circumference of the circle, C= 2πr.

Think of the growth of your organization as the circle which could be as small as an atom or as big as the earth. A few things here and there in the organization could be fixed easily but it's the leader's faith in his abilities and vision which would ultimately decide the variable the radius 'r', you can expand the radius 'r' as much as you want and have an enormous growth. As long as the 'r' is evolving comprehensively, it can help in the growth of the circumference as much as it wants. Pi can be defined as the same conditions for any startup at the beginning.

Ccircumference =[multiply]rRadius

These above-defined tactics are not just for the company CEO or a top executive, anyone who wishes to guide people towards a better life at work can incorporate these ideas and become a better leader. You probably be a common individual who thinks like a leader and you know the ways to fix the problems using the aforementioned ideas. You can reach greater heights or become a Corporate "GURU" if you have firm belief in the above ideas and humanity. You can create some out of the box ideas of your own too.
Best of luck.
Love and respect.

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